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celebrating the Black History Month

FADE TO BLACK is a multidisciplinary program that celebrates the Black History Month through movies, music and dance, in collaboration with the Montreal International Black Film Festival. Fade to Black's theme: "Getting to Know each other better is the best way to avoid misunderstandings".

Created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation, a non-profit artistic organisation dedicated to promoting Cinema, Art and Culture here and abroad, FADE TO BLACK helps to remember the past, understand the present and better prepare the future through films, music, dance and so much more.


  • Encouraging openness to diversity;
  • Promoting intercultural understanding between the people of Quebec;
  • Promoting a better understanding of Black culture;
  • Promoting a better understanding of the realities of black communities;
  • Creating opportunities to meet, discover, share, blend styles through entertainment

The Fabienne Colas Foundation

The Fabienne Colas Foundation (www.fondationfabiennecolas.org) also created the Montreal International Black Film Festival (www.montrealblackfilm.com), the Toronto Black Film Festival (www.torontoblackfilm.com), the Festival Haiti en Folie in Montreal (www.haitienfolie.com), the Quebec Film Festival In Haiti (www.festivalquebechaiti.com) and several other events. The Fabienne Colas Foundation is the driving force behind major and popular artistic events all year-long, that entertain and bring awareness. In addition to raising public awareness and promoting cultural diversity here and abroad, the Fabienne Colas Foundation's events attract several tens of thousands of people every year and lots of media coverage.

Saturday, Feb 28, 2014



General admission 15$
At the door 20$

Concordia University
Hall Building - Room H110
1455 De mainsonneuve West
(Guy-Concordia Metro)

On the Program

SCREENING OF CITIZENS OF NOWHERE (Citoyens de nulle part) - Followed by a discussion with the directors and guests experts on the topic , hosted by reporter, host and producer Franois Bugingo

Documentary - 52', 2015, Canada
A film of Nicolas-Alexandre Tremblay and de Rgis Coussot
Narration : Jean-Claude Martineau
Production of X-Ray Films
Executive director : Nicolas-Alexandre Tremblay
Associated director : Didier Thodore
Sound : Peter Lopata


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  • Black History Month
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