Citizens of Nowhere

Documentary & Discussion

September 2013. Dominican Republic authorities deprives close to a quarter million Dominicans of Haitian descent of their citizenship.

Now officially stateless, will they be deported to Haiti, a country in which they have never set foot? What crimes have they committed? What they have in common is that they are the children of honest sugar cane workers who were brought in by the government to serve and enrich the Dominican state. Up until now, nobody ever questioned the fact that these children who were born on Dominican soil were citizens in their own right, not even the constitution. Learn more

Citizens of Nowhere

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Franois Bugingo Communicateur, journaliste, animateur, auteur et producteur, TV. Ambassadeur du programme Actif humanitaire.

Depuis juin 2013, il est l'analyste principal des enjeux internationaux sur les chaines TVA, LCN et Argent, en plus d'animer la quotidienne 30 sur le radar LCN.

Saturday, Feb 28, 2014



General admission 15$
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Concordia University
Hall Building - Room H110
1455 De mainsonneuve West
(Guy-Concordia Metro)

On the Program

SCREENING OF CITIZENS OF NOWHERE (Citoyens de nulle part) - Followed by a discussion with the directors and guests experts on the topic , hosted by reporter, host and producer Franois Bugingo

Documentary - 52', 2015, Canada
A film of Nicolas-Alexandre Tremblay and de Rgis Coussot
Narration : Jean-Claude Martineau
Production of X-Ray Films
Executive director : Nicolas-Alexandre Tremblay
Associated director : Didier Thodore
Sound : Peter Lopata


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